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Corporate Social Responsibility enters telecommunication industry

e-Poludnie Cluster is developing Corporate Social Responsibility Codification. Our base are ISO 26 000 norm, our experience and individual ideas. This work will be focused on four main pillars of responsibility: business resposibility, social responsibility, operating environment and natural environment responsibilities. Lots of activities specified in four pillars work, we’ve been doing for a long time before. Codification introducing will contribute to develop full set of responsibility rules for telecommunication industry, while annual raports will designate new specific development directions and operations and they will allow monitoring Cluster’s progress in doing social responsible business.

Long time ago people noticed that business and general public have an influence on each order.  Every company’s activity has an important meaning not only for employees and customers, but also for environment or market. Natural endeavour used for years is a positive business influence on an environment. Previous years brought a try of collecting good practise, an experience, companies and institutions in a set, which would make implement another rules easier.  That’s how were born new use of Corporate Social Responsibility Codification.  There’s the time for introducing and use it’s rules in telecommunication industry – thanks to e-Poludnie Cluster. 

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility was elaborated by International Organization for Standarization at ISO 26 000 norm Guidance on social responsibility, published on 1st November 2010. This document is recommended by European Commission for companies, which are looking for formal approach to CSR. The essence of the norm is the fact that it isn’t certified, thanks to this, using it entities are not controlled about obeying it. Moreover, every entity can use any part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Codification and, thereby, be socially responsible.  It is crucial that the implementation of the standard should not result from the desire to obtain a certificate of compliance with the ISO standard, but with the intention of linking the proper conduct of the business with the benefits resulting therefrom. To put it simply – growing awareness of socially responsible business.

Why is it entered in e-Poludnie Cluster?

e-Poludnie Cluster was set up for increasing a clout of small and medium telecommunication operators. It’s activity succeed many times for common enterprises like IPTV technology implementation, Internet Exchange Point animation or common Call Center for operators. One of main advantages of companies in CLuster connection is an introduction of an IT system for the identification of operators, allowing the creation of a communication channel for a selected group of operators. There is a chance for small companies to compete with the big ones. A similar mechanism can be used during introducing Corporate Social Responsibility.  Already for the time being, it can be assumed that most of the entities in the e-Poludnie cluster apply practices related to Corporate Social Responsibility. However, the dispersion of activities in this field brings much less business and environmental benefits than the benefits of introducing such a code for the Cluster as a whole. Based on the experiences of operators located around e-Poludnie and cooperation with stakeholders, it is possible to set up a comprehensive code of good practice in telecommunications. In addition, it is possible to designate specific directions of activity and annual reporting of cluster activity to monitor progress in the use of socially responsible business. It is not unimportant that the introduction of a code for each subject individually is a time consuming process. Implementing the process for the unified e-Poludnie cluster will, however, make the code comprehensive, with the possibility of each member of the Cluster participating in the code-making process and introducing new operation directions.

How do operations fit in Corporate Social Responsibility?

PN-ISO 26 000 norm distinguishes seven areas of Corporate Social Responsibility. These are: organizational governance, human rights, employment relationships, the environment, fair market practices, consumer relationships and social engagement. For the needs of the Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for the telecommunications industry, the E-e-Poludnie Cluster distinguished four main pillars of business: business responsibility, work environmental responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility. 

Business resposibility it’s a combination of fair market practises and responsible costumer relationship. e-Poludnie Cluster has already shown big signs of beeing business responsible. It joins members of Cluster and competitors at once, and introduces the method of cooperation instead of destroing or unfair rivalry. Business responsibility in front of customers it’s makeing every effor to business process would occur friendy and would be clear and satisfying.

INET MEETING Conference [EPIX INSIDE] in Zakopane, 27.04.2017, photographer: Marcin Łysak (Source: Facebook profile: EPIX Internet Exchange  –

Work environment responsibility it’s mainly and equality in work access, without any kind of discrimination and with assurance in safe and friendly conditions for every employee. Moreover, responsibility is connected with possibility of traning for people of worplace health and safety and developing professional qualifications according to belief, that the best investment in the company are people. e-Poludnie Cluster proved not only once that we subject the rule of work environment responsibility, through organising trainings for members and their emplyees and conferences like iNet Meeting. Thereby, the Cluster contributes to the development of personal and professional workers and also ensures social inclusion.

Natural environment responsibility it’s a cardinal issue in a industry which handle to high technology. Telecommunication solutions make it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of environmental resources. That is why it is so important for telecoms operators to pay special attention to delivering ecologically comprehensive solutions to the market. The result of introducing rules of  Corporate Social Responsibility Codification is a set of little changes like using mainly electronic messages, whether daily paper or electricity savings, leading to sustainable development. The e-Poludnie Cluster is involved in the use of common solutions like aforementioned Internet EPIX Exchange Point which allows for using one high-developed infrastructure for lots of entities.

Traininf of safe the Internet using organised by Comnet Multimedia Company [Source: Comnet Multimedia’s Facebook page:]

Corporate Social Responsibility it’s not only good rules used inside of the Clusteror specified companies. The result of using everyday responsibilities is supporting local communities, working with local organizations, programs for children and young people, and investing. An example is the Comnet Multimedia Company, which is affiliated to the e-Poludnie Cluster, as part of projects co-financed by the European Union. Broadband Internet access plan in areas at risk of digital exclusion and prevention of exclusion of local communities. Company employees organized a series of educational workshops on the topic of safe Internet use. In 2016 they trained nearly 150 children.


e-Poludnie Cluster is an association which at that moment is carrying out many activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility. That is why introducing a code that will gather the current experience and help in the implementation of good practices and activities is a natural way of doing things. Joint demonstration of the Cluster’s activities in annual reports will show how all the players working together in the e-Poludnie Cluster have a great deal of breakthrough and creativity. Cooperation in the cluster will not only develop the telecommunications industry, but will, above all, streamline the pursuit of each and every entity individually and all together for a socially responsible business. Putting it straight – making the world better, starting with itself and the local community.