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e-Południe is chosen as a Forbes Diamond

e-Południe association is among the laureates of the prestigious “Forbes Diamonds 2018”. The fastest growing companies and the best entrepreneurs – these are the laureates. The 2018 edition showed that Polish business grow very fast. Forbes Diamonds is a ranking that distinguishes the most innovative companies that have succeeded. This initiative further stimulates entrepreneurship, and for people, success is an opportunity to get to know each other. In this case, it is the success of the entire environment of Polish small and medium telecommunications operators – a unique phenomenon in Europe. It is unique that e-Południe as well is the first association among the laureates. Turns out that , e-Południe does not first time create stories and change the Polish telecommunications market.
It is important to emphasize that the laureates of the Forbes Diamonds do not strive for distinction, do not complete any declarations and do not have any lobbying activities on their sides. Forbs searches for Diamonds, not the other way. Parametres of companies are collected through independent partner. The Bisnode Polska intelligence system collects data, and on their basis, creates the bases of enterprises that have been awarded a positive credibility rating. Companies must be profitable and have high current liquidity and not delay payments. Companies that meet these conditions must also show a positive financial result and the value of equity.
The award granted by the magazine is a reason for pride, if only because of the method of selecting winners: the results of the “Forbes Diamonds 2018” ranking were developed in the editorial office of the magazine based on the Swiss method of company value evaluation. Key criteria include financial results, asset value, payment history, payment credibility or lack of negative legal events. The companies from the “Forbes Diamonds” group were divided into 16 provinces, and within each of them for the next three categories according to the level of revenues: 5-50 million PLN, 50-250 million PLN, over 250 million PLN.
Such success testifies to one thing – e-South contributed to its success with its own work, the result testifies to the continuous development as well as the strength of the environment of Small and Medium Telecommunications Operators. Placing in a prestigious ranking is an opportunity to promote not only the company, but the entire environment of MIŚOT, for which the Association operates. And for the e-Noon itself it is a confirmation of credibility among business partners.
The list of laureates is published in a special report, which appears together with the second Forbes number (on the market last Thursday in January). At the same time, the list is published on the Internet at