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E-South as a platform for ISP Operators

Project name: “e-South Cluster as a platform to improve the innovation and technological development of telecommunications operators in Silesian Voivodeship”

Beneficiary: Association for the development of the information society e-South
The total value of the project: 929 400.00 PLN
Amount claimed: PLN 990.00 789
The level of funding: 85%

The subject of the project is to create a regional cluster e-South involving local telecommunications operators, high school and and business environment institution. The result of the project will be lasting ties of cooperation in the telecommunication industry in the province.

The project includes:

1. Purchase pro-innovative technologies to improve the range and quality of services provided by the members of the cluster
2. Laboratory equipment for project collaboration by participants of the cluster with pro-innovative technology Inch Centre, Monitoring, IP, VoIP
3. The acquisition of specialized consulting services in the following areas: the implementation of the cluster by the participants arising from technology to individual operating conditions; customer service and the implementation of the marketing of new products; creating loyalty programs, implement innovative technological solutions in the form of a node traffic exchange UA-ix and to develop a plan for the development and expansion of the cluster.
4. Systematic cooperation and deepening the cooperation of participants-8 cluster integration meetings in various cities of the region.
5. Participants share a cluster of domestic and foreign trade fairs, exhibitions and industry meetings related to the theme of the project as well as transferring the next most innovative organizational and technological products to cluster activities
6. The production of information materials and gadgets to promote cluster
7. Promotional activities related to the project-2 thematic conferences.
8. The costs of project management-the purchase of equipment, leasing of Office design, legal services in respect of the settlement of public aid in the project.
9. Promotion of the project.

Information source about Silesian regional operational programme for the period 2007-2013 is at the website

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