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Our cluster

Cluster E-south formally registered as ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY is a typical example of the economic cluster. When the economy was observed positive effect of clustering on innovation, authority began to support some agencies that have stimulated such activities. Such actions have a different effect, because we know how to build something by force . In our case happened another story :)

In our region registered by the Office of Electronic Communications more then 1200 telecommunication companies. This is a huge potential, but the dispersion cause weaknesses. Cooperation with similar companies raises natural resistance, because we are also compete. This attitude makes it that much effort of these companies are reproduced. They have lack of access to new technologies and such companies are not good partners for equipment and ICT solutions providers.

Our association was founded in order to change these stereotypes. Amateur (also known as “district networks”) network (in a good sense) stopped to be the pioneers of the Internet in Poland and companies, which were answer to the lack of good offers from large telecommunications companies. We can say that small ISP opened, popularized and promote the Internet.
However, big telecoms seeing opening market has created the good offer, and better advertising campaigns that attracted customers. And here locality, which has always been a advantage of small ISP became a weakness.
Some service providers seeing the market trends decides to begin cooperate !!!

Companies founded Silesia Telecommunications Group. It focus on local ISP that want to group their innovative potential and develop modern services.

A big inspiration to formalize the cluster activities and the establishment of the association was the vision Wojciech Apel. Wojciech for several years, consistently building fiber-optic network between all the cities of our region as part of 3S.

Through cooperation, we can jointly implement projects which individually would not have potential. Jambox HD TV IPTV is the best example as a product which was created thanks to partnership

Our upgraded network technology are called NGN, Next Generation Network, and are pioneering in the country. It was appreciated 19 November 2008 at the Broadband Forum – the most prestigious event of broadband telecommunications market, with participation of Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak – where our group of SGT received the main prize for innovative cable TV 3rd generation “Jambox”. This award further motivates us to continue our work. Jambox product can be considered a model example of cluster activity translate into concrete results.