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Welcome to the iNET Meeting

We invite you to visit our stand during the iNET Meeting. Conference will be in Windsor Hotel 4-6.11.2015 r. It will be an opportunity to talk about products, cluster as EPIX, Call Center or VoIP services. We also invite you to the workshop 4.11.2015 about 6:30 pm where we’ll show you how to deploy a Call Center in their own company in 15 minutes, and the presentation on Friday at 13 under the title:

Kai my som and kaj leziemy, or how to Ślonzoki with Gorolami made ściepa on EPIX and what this bit turned.

and there, among other things:

  • Welcome to setę, the inconsistent advice how to swallow 100% services for ISP in EPIX.
  • The whole truth about bilokacji, or how to be in two places at the same time using spell EP Call Center 24/7/365.
  • A symbiotic relationship with ants elephant for example CISCO project for EPIXowca.
  • Take shopping with his own group, the story of how EPIX with Union and Leon Pro VOIP wholesaler have made.